Love is in the air. Mates, it is that time of the year when cupid becomes your best friend, and your and vasopressin levels are bursting at the seams. Yes, the much-awaited Valentine’s Day is around the corner. While people are indulging in explicit declaration of their undying love and commitment, some things are better understood unsaid. Like how bearded men are automatically two steps ahead in the love department than their “folically challenged” peers. Be that as it may, here are a few simple tips to groom and spruce up your precious facial fuzz to woo your lady love this Valentine’s Day.

Go the neat way

neat beard


Trim, prune, shape it up. A scraggly beard is highly undesirable, and women notice when you put in efforts to improve your appearance for them. Seek a professional touch while you’re at it, and win her approval.

Wash and Scrub

wash and scrub

Valentine’s Day is a day to shower affection and intimacy. You don’t want your woman to be turned off by a dirty, funny smelling beard on the most romantic day of the year. Remember to give your facial mane a good scrub, preferably with a pleasant smelling beard wash.

Lustrous and proud

oil the frizz

All the magnificent bearded men out there know the basic rule of thumb: your beard warrants as much usage of products as your hair. And on a special day like this, why ever not? Crack open that bottle of  BEARDRAJA Beard Oil, and watch how your shining facial fuzz sweeps her off her feet.

Wax it up

wax it up

Like your car needs a good coat of wax to grab eyeballs, so does your beard. A patch of facial hair going haywire is a strict no-no. Your beard is to be your wingman on 14th of February, and it most certainly needs to cooperate. So slather on that BEARDRAJA Beard & Moustache Wax, and tame those facial locks of yours.

Confidence is key


Women are drawn to power, and men who exude confidence. A man who is self-assured is highly attractive to the ladies. Wearing your facial mane with confidence takes your game to a whole another level. Dapper style, an unparalleled swag and an enviable beard are the ingredients to make you simply irresistible.

While this Valentine’s Day you celebrate your love with that special someone, your eternal love affair with your beard needs some acknowledgement as well. Use these simple tips to win her heart, and in the process, celebrate your sublime facial fuzz.

And you know what they say, True love is like a beard; it never ends, only grows.

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