Quirky, witty, and charming. These words are synonymous with the star Ranveer Singh, a gift from Bollywood to mankind. From commercial cinema to critically acclaimed movies – this guy has done it all. Ever since he made the lovable Bittoo Sharma come to life on screen in 2010, Ranveer Singh has got us all hooked. Men want to be him, and the ladies want to be with him. Not just his acting, but his personal style and appearance are widely appreciated by the masses.

The thing that has caught the most attention, apart from his ladylove, is his trademark bearded look. Rugged, and handsome. Not to mention, it showcases him as both carefree and effortlessly manly. The beard community out there is proud to call him one of their own, mainly so since his fuzz is just as famous as the man himself.

Tips To Grow a Ranveer Singh Beard

Ranveer Singh has dabbled with many bearded styles in the last 7 years. From nicely trimmed to a full-grown mane, he has experimented constantly. But if a general trend is to be noticed, it is clear that he mostly keeps his beard shorter. For all the beardoholics out there, this is great news.

How, you ask? First up, it is a sign that you don’t have to wait for a long while for your beard to grow. Secondly, the maintenance subsequently becomes easier. Which now makes it easier for you to simply imitate this great celebrity’s style.

To grow a great Ranveer Singh style beard, you need to allow your facial hair to grow out for a month or two, depending on your growth rate, to get your desired length. You can trim and modify the beard as you please. Also, allow your mustache to grow out as well, if you hope to rock his classic Ram-Leela handlebar mustache look. To get a more refined look, after your hair has appropriately grown out, you trim the beard along your jaw line, so as to achieve a sleeker image.

Keeping Up With the Ranveer Beard

The growing part is easy, everyone will agree. It is the maintenance of the facial mane that keeps many men away. But fear not. A Ranveer Singh beard will provide you with zero headaches, and a 100% chance to take your visual appeal to the next level.

Beard grooming is an essential part of any man’s life who has ever kept one. So to look after your beard, the first step is to own a pair of trimmers to trim and prune your fuzz to the length you’d like. Also, keeping a beard comb handy would be a great investment. That will help you with easily grooming your facial mane, and keep split ends at bay.

A good quality beard oil, and beard wax, is a must. These products will keep your beard soft, supple and easy to style. This way, you will be one step ahead of your counterparts when it comes to efficient beard grooming.


Ranveer Singh’s Top 5 Bearded Looks

Ranveer Singh has been constantly clicked sporting many different and noteworthy beard styles along the years. What’s more, he has successfully pulled off each and every one of those styles. Here are some of our favourite Ranveer Singh’s bearded looks:





A general fan favourite, Ranveer Singh keeps his beard closely cropped. His beard grazes his jawline, stopping short near the ears. This look is fashionably accompanied by a well-nurtured handlebar mustache. The mustache, in reality, glorifies the entire look!

The Bush





Here, Ranveer Singh has opted for the basic route, and simply allowed his neck hair to grow out totally along with his facial hair. Topping off the look with a soft goatee, this look is very versatile as it can go with absolutely any outfit, not to mention is very attractive to the ladies.

Stubble Trouble


A medium stubble, with a well-groomed mustache has allowed Ranveer to show off his effortlessly carefree side. The best part about this look is that you only need a couple of days to grow out a stubble, so it is not fussy at all.




Ranveer Singh looks classy as ever sporting this beard style. To achieve this look, the key is to keep the edges shaved and trimmed to maintain a razor line. While this might require a bit of maintenance, the end result will have the world swooning in no time!

All Hail Down To The Beard Man!

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