Beard exudes power. And by the laws of nature, every argument has a (supposed) counter-argument. So when you stand up and declare just how powerful beards are, there is someone out there, evidently unaware, who would gloriously try to refute your stand. If, God forbid, such a situation arises, my dear mates, you let them know just how much strength and respect a 5-letter word such as BEARD commands. How, you ask? Simple. Just produce a few men of power and vigour with glorious facial fuzz to back your argument up and you, my man, are good to go.

Abraham Lincoln


We begin the list with one of the most iconic political figures in the history of the United States of America. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the USA, was not just a robust politician, but was also a celebrated lawyer. A self-educated Kentucky chap, this great man led the United States through its Civil war, that changed the face of the country from a constitutional and political standpoint. He is remembered for his high forehead, his fight against slavery, and of course, his iconic beard.

Virat Kohli


A name enough to make the female population weak in the knees, Virat Kohli is a Delhi-born cricketer with aggression that is unparalleled. Men aspire to be him, and not just for his insane cover drive. His facial hair gives even professional male models a run for their money. It is no surprise that he has been leading the Indian cricket team to victory under his captainship, while casually stroking his facial locks.

Chuck Norris


The Delta Force. The President’s Man. Missing in Action. Ring a bell? These cult classics star the ever-famed Chuck Norris. From serving in the United States Air Force, to becoming a professional martial artist, to eventually stepping into the world of movies and successfully conquering that avenue, this man has done it all. He may have dabbled in various fields and various genres, but his close trimmed beard has always been his signature style.




Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore is a name that may belong to a fictional world, but resides in the heart of all people, young and old. His quintessential long silver beard is a much-celebrated part of his character, one that “was so long that it could be tucked into his belt.” Dumbledore radiated kindness, mischief, but was also a man so powerful that the entire wizarding community revered him. Hell, even the Dark Lord was afraid of him, and rightly so, since He Who Must Not Be Named had no hair to call his own!

Leonardo DiCaprio


A heartthrob of many, a man to be envied for his looks and his stellar acting skills, Leonardo DiCaprio had to make the cut in this list. An acting career that spans all sorts of genres possible, from romance, to action, to drama, to out-and-out thrillers, his acting career grew just as beautifully as his facial hair. Let us not forget, this man won his first ever Oscar, after all this time, for The Revenant, a film where his character is iconically remembered for his scraggly beard.


Narendra Modi


From being a tea seller to being the 14th Prime Minister of our great country, Modi is a grand example of rags to riches. While he quickly climbed the political ladder, his vigor and persistence is commendable. Whatever political affiliation you may have, no one can deny this man’s persona and mesmerizing charm. The way the nation responds to his words, you cannot deny his cropped white facial mane has got a lot to do with it.



William Shakespeare, or as he is lovingly called, the Bard of Avon, is a literary master you cannot even dream of leaving out from this list. The Bard is the father of theatre, having penned many captivating plays and sonnets. He single-handedly changed the theatrical experience for years to come. While his work is respected by one and all, his atypical moustache is what makes this man stand out.



If you’re a fan of the Marvel Universe, chances are that you are a Wolverine fanatic. His wit, his aggression, and of course his retractable bone claws are what clearly define this superhero. Actually, not quite. When actor Hugh Jackman portrayed Wolverine on the big screen, what made the character strike out from the crowd was his signature style beard and those mutton chops. Needless to say, when Jackman decided to hang his boots on the character and shave off his beard, every beardaholic wept.

Some men from the real world, some fictional. But one thing that ties them together is the fact that all of them have great facial fuzz to showcase to the world. And each of these men, in one way or another, has left his mark on the world. They’re not here to sit on the throne like clean shaved princes. They are here to rule the world, like BEARDED RAJAS.

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