Have you ever experienced a situation where your over-enthusiasm while trimming has resulted in your beard looking like a shade too small for your face? If statistics are to be believed, then of course you have. A lot of men face this challenge while designing and trimming the outline of their beards. More often than not, men end up trimming the neckline up to their jawline and face area. If it is this mistake you seek to avoid, look no further. We will explain to you the whys and hows of achieving that perfect beard neckline.

Yes, why?

Why indeed. Maybe your beard aspirations are to grow it out naturally, and let it take its course. This certainly is the most common way out, since naturally grown fuzz is a hell lot easier to maintain. However, for quite a few of you out there, untamed neck hair can be mightily uncomfortable. Not to mention, you don’t want to end up looking like a wool carpet when your facial hair promptly connects to your chest hair.

So, why a neckline? Because it is a case of want, not need.

Designing the perfect beard neckline

To get that perfect beard neckline that makes your fellow men envious to the bone, you don’t need any fancy tools or a methodical procedure. What you do need is a great visual of all angles of your face, and a straight posture.

Step 1: The first thing to do is to locate your neckline. Start with a point behind your earlobes, and move down towards your jaw line, stopping only at the junction where the neck meets the underside of the chin. A way to guess if you’re doing it right is to see if this imaginary line is close to the top of your Adam’s apple or not. If it is, you’re doing it right.

Step 2: Now that your neckline is marked, the next step is to seal off the boundaries. To do so, start from the top of your cheek right next to where your ear begins, and run in a perpendicular direction to the neckline, along your sideburns. You will obtain corners of your neckline. Remember to round these corners off while shaving to achieve a more natural look.

Step 3: Now is the moment of truth. Your only job now is to shave and trim off every bit of hair under your marked neckline. Voila! Your beard is successfully classy!

Hair on the head, hair on the face. Regardless of the location, your hair demands attention. So pamper and court your beard, and we can assure you, you will like what you see in the mirror everyday.

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