About Us

The path to greatness comes with a ton of hard work, a dash of good fortune, and a whole lot of fuzz on the face. Do you feel the same way? Because that’s what we at BEARDRAJA firmly stand by. But like they say, nothing in life comes easy. Manning that facial mane of yours is a tough task. Using rudimentary products to manage and care for a beard in a world progressing by the second seems inadequate. And that’s where we come in.

For the contemporary male population, BEARDRAJA brings a wide selection of beard grooming products, fuelled by our deep-rooted love for facial hair. Each of our merchandise has been carefully manufactured, keeping in mind the needs of the modern metrosexual man. Meticulously selected raw material, followed by a detailed manufacturing process, we aim to deliver the best quality products to help you maintain a soft, shiny and immaculate mane on the face. Let your beard flag fly.